Fashion blogger

Fashion blogger

воскресенье, 8 марта 2015 г.


Hey there! Today I want to tell you about my big obsession - watches by Swatch.
I love it by it's strange and original design. These are different watches that I have nowadays and watches that I would like to have.
1. My first (january 2013)

2. My second by José Carlos Casado (january 2014)

The dial of OFF presents a black section surrounded by a multi-coloured image that extends from the dial to the strap: the black slice is a reminder, the artist says, to “take time off” – 5 seconds every minute, 5 minutes every hour – to do something completely different.

3. My trird. I bought it in France (july 2014)

Great watches that I would like to have


Thank your for attention!

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