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Fashion blogger

суббота, 4 июля 2015 г.

DIY Handmade bracelet

Hey there! Do you like summer? Sure, you do ;-) I think, summer is the best time to create something interesting. Handmade bracelets are always in trend. They are so bright! Today I want to show you some ideas how to create handmade bracelets and how to wear them.

1. Rainbow bracelet. It looks cool with one easy handmade bracelet and plastic bracelet (this one green bracelet from shop Marmalato)

2. Heart bracelet. I wear it with easy handmade bracelet and green bracelet from Aliexpress

 3. Also I like to wear it with handmade bracelet which my best friend brought me from Egypt

4. Rhombus bracelet. It is difficult to make it and it takes a lot of time. I wear it with easy handmade bracelet and with donuts bracelet from shop Diva

5. Sea bracelet. I wear it with bracelet from Aliexpress

6. I like to wear Sea bracelet with another one interesting bracelet

7. And this bracelet I like to wear with another one handmade bracelet

8. I like to wear Rainbow bracelet with difficult handmade bracelet
9. If you have not a very long string of one color, you can make this bracelet

10. And absolutely cool idea for summer to wear handmade bracelet with bright watch! (This is my fav by Swatch)

Thank you for your attention!
I hope, you like my ideas :-)

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